Herman Miller képviselet Magyarországon 1998 óta
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About Us

Who we are and what we do

About Us


About Us

Our decades of cooperation with Herman Miller made us a well known firm within the industry. We aim to support a wide range of companies from home offices through the start-up period to the largest global corporations.

We had the opportunity to provide thousands of workstations and workchairs for prestigious companies such as Morgan Stanley, ExxonMobil, MSCI, SAP, NNG, Erste Bank, KinjaKft., Avon, TRConsult, SafeGuard, ABD Finance and MKB Bank.

Since our company was founded we always delivered even the most complex projects on time and within the given budget. With the help of highly qualified partners we provide products that can match everyone’s needs with their adaptability, latest design and best quality.

We are very pleased to recognise more and more individuals among our partners who use our products to protect their health. Environmental awareness, ergonomics, quality to the smallest details, reconfiguration and timeless value are all principals we keep in mind when carrying out projects.

We look forward to help your company become a better place to work.